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Company Founder

Mr. Melih Sami Esen

Esen, carrying out his activities focused on “strategy, planning, continuing education, adaptation to change and result”, has been acting with the vision of providing extensive analysis and strategies on detailed surveying on the dynamics of the places to make investments, legal and economic requirements, trading operations, marketing and investor relationships.


The company founder, Melih Sami Esen, is a businessperson who has worked in various sectors such as construction, energy and infrastructure, and has taken the lead in important projects both professionally and jointly. A graduate of Ankara- Gazi University- Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Economics, Melih Sami Esen completed his E-MBA at Ankara-Bilkent University, Faculty of Management. Esen, who has internalised the principle of lifelong learning, received training on “Digital Money and Investment” and “Fin Tech Innovative Banking” at London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and Imperial College London Business School (LBS).

Professional career

Esen, who started his professional career as a university student, has always focused on sustainable and developing investments. In 1996, he became the CFO in charge of financial and administrative services at NTF Construction and Trade Ltd Company. He took part in some of the projects of his company, for which he undertook the position of CEO with his foresight and work. By taking responsibility in each stage of some of Turkey’s large-scale and prestigious projects, among which are Dalaman- Akköprü Dam and Hydroelectric Plant, Pendik Wastewater Collector, Beykoz-Kavacık Wastewater Tunnel and Erzurum-Artvin Intercity Highway, he assumed a leading role in delivering them to the related corporations ready for service.

International Expansion

In 2011, he started running his work abroad in order to follow international investment fields and the developments closer. Esen, who has brought experienced staff and a dynamic structure together in his London based Esen Investment Ltd., has been providing entrepreneurs wishing to do business in different parts of the world with financial and legal consultancy, as well as with sustainable investment methods. In addition to national investment operations, Esen has been continuing his investments in realty, capital market instruments and start-up projects.